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E-commerce in Mauritius in 2023: Why Should You Get Started?

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E-commerce is booming in Mauritius. With the advent of technology, Mauritian consumers have adopted a new way of shopping – online. The figures for e-commerce in 2021 have demonstrated a significant increase in the use of online shopping platforms in the country. In this article, we will present the current trends of e-commerce in Mauritius.

The explosion of online shopping

Mauritian consumers are increasingly turning to online shopping. According to a recent study, nearly 70% of Mauritian consumers made an online purchase in the past year. The most popular products purchased online are clothing, electronics, beauty products, and household items.

The use of mobile for online shopping

Smartphones have changed the way Mauritians shop. Most online shopping sites are now optimized for mobile devices, allowing consumers to browse and buy easily from their smartphones. Mobile payments are also becoming increasingly popular for online purchases, offering a quick and secure payment experience.

The growth of local e-commerce platforms

Local e-commerce platforms are experiencing rapid growth in Mauritius. Many Mauritian businesses have launched their own e-commerce site, offering a wide variety of products and services. These platforms offer a convenient alternative to in-store shopping, with home delivery and online payment options.

The importance of the customer experience

With increasing competition in the e-commerce market, businesses must offer an exceptional customer experience to stand out. Mauritian consumers place great importance on the shopping experience, including delivery speed, quality of customer service, and ease of use.”

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